Subsidized Educational Loan in USD for University Students

Are you ambitious and would like to pursue your studies in Lebanon or abroad? Banque Libano-Française Educational Loan gives you the chance to fulfill your ambitions and helps you finance your university studies.
Loan characteristics
  • financing up to 100% of university tuition fees with the possibility to include accommodation/stay expenses if the university is established abroad,
  • loan granted starting the first year of studies or any other year,
  • currency: USD,
  • loan amount: up to USD 130,000,
  • grace period: one year following the graduation
  • loan period: maximum maximum 18 years covering:
    • up to 7 years of studies, 
    • one-year grace period, after graduation, 
    • up to 10 years repayment period,
  • interest rate applicable: rate applicable: variable, based on the Federal Fund Rate*, 
  • quarterly settlement of the interests during studies and during the one-year grace period,
  • no file fees,
  • no commission applied,
  • no down payment required,
  • tuition fees are settled by the Bank directly to the university by bank check or bank transfer upon presentation of the tuition fees statement,
  • guarantee: personal guarantor and life insurance in favor of the Bank other guarantees may be required on a case-by-case basis,
*currently: 3.75%
Loan additional advantages
  • revolving credit card with a monthly limit of USD 300 or more (on a case-by-case basis),
For an 18-year-old student financing his 4-year studies thanks to an Educational Loan* of USD 30,000 over a period of 10 years, the repayment is made through quarterly installments of USD 278 during the years of studies and the one-year grace period after graduation, then USD 301 over the 10 remaining years following the grace period, at an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 6.18%  (including interest, life insurance premium and fiscal stamps).
Conditions apply as at 23/01/2018 and are subject to variation.
* Subject to pre-study and approval of the application
Applicant's eligibility criteria
  • nationality: Lebanese,
  • age: 18 – 28,
  • applicant/guarantor’s age: 21- 64 years (at loan maturity)
  • occupation: the applicant/ the guarantor should be:
    • an employee with a steady job and income for more than 18 months,
    • a self-employed with a minimum 3-year work experience in the same field,
    • a military, an Internal Security Forces and a General Security member (for guarantors only) with minimum 18 months since joining the organization.
  • minimum required monthly income:
    • LBP 1,200,000 or the counter value in USD for employees,
    • LBP 2,500,000 or the counter value in USD for self-employed,
    • LBP 1,000,000 for military, Internal Security and General Security  members (for guarantors only).
  • monthly payments: maximum 33% of the monthly income for employees and self-employed.
Every credit facility is an engagement and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacities before you apply.
To submit your loan application, learn more about our loan eligibility requirements and requested documents, visit the nearest BLF branch where our customer advisors will be pleased to share with you a customized simulation, including your Annual Percentage Rate - APR based on your profile and selected financing terms.
For any additional information, please contact your nearest BLF branch or our Call Center on 1272 or send us an email on [email protected]
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