About Us

Who we are
Lucky to be Young, a platform for the youth.

Lucky to be Young is a platform set in 2014 by Banque Libano-Française (BLF) with just one objective: be the partner of the young people’s ambitions! 

Whether you’re at school, college or uni, whether you just graduated, or you’re looking for your first job, Lucky to be Young offers you a lot of privileges, whether through educational or leisure activities, not to mention tailor-made banking services! Here, we embark on your world, speak your language, and make sure to keep you in the loop of what’s happening around you.

On this website, you can find news, cool events, useful banking products and services, and plenty of perks to help you get the most out of your money!

Do you know how “Lucky” you can be with BLF? Join the coolest youth community in Lebanon and get ready for exceptional surprises ranging from games, competition, shopping discounts to innovative workshops, trainings, conferences, open doors, excursions, shows and concerts!


Banque Libano-Française (BLF) is one of the leading banks in Lebanon.

You can find us practically in every region in Lebanon, with a network of 60 branches, 2 e-branches and more than 175 ATMs. We are also present abroad! If you travel to France, Switzerland, Cyprus, UAE and Nigeria, you will find one of our subsidiaries or representative offices.

Let's talk financials now for the fans of economy among you: As at December 2018, BLF is an important participant in the Lebanese economy with close to USD 1,315 million in consolidated shareholders' equity and more than USD 15,085 million in total assets. 

What we believe in
With BLF, it’s not only about numbers! All our staff share common moral and ethical values:
  • Integrity
  • Competences
  • Responsibility
  • Humanism
  • Engagement
Moreover, we are committed to our mission statement confirming that:
Banque Libano-Française is a Lebanese, universal, highly performing bank, renowned for its professionalism and financial strength.
We aim at being a leading player and a reference in the banking sector in Lebanon.
We are committed to constantly developing our skills to ensure expertise and quality of service, and to maintain and strengthen the trust relationship with:

  • our clients who see us as a real partner,
  • our staff to whom we offer opportunities for self-accomplishment and a promising future,
  • our shareholders who are looking for capital preservation and appreciation,
  • the Lebanese banking sector by spearheading its drive towards sustainable growth,
  • the Lebanese economy towards the prosperity of which we are strongly committed.
What we do
We have historically been a commercial bank servicing large to medium-sized companies, and throughout the years we expanded our activities to include:
  • retail banking with a full range of products and services (accounts, cards, loans, bancassurance, electronic banking…) for individuals of all ages,
  • private banking to meet the needs of wealthy individuals,
  • investment banking to provide guidance to companies regarding their capital allocation and investments,
  • correspondent banking to deal with other banks and perform transactions locally and internationally.
How we are socially responsible
Over and above the banking services we offer, we feel we are responsible to contribute to the welfare of our society, by valuing our clients, employees and community.
We do so by strictly complying with all rules and regulations.
We listen to our clients' needs, commit to be transparent and to provide them with a wide array of added-value products and a good quality of service.
We also work on making BLF a pleasant working place for our employees because they are the ones responsible for our Bank’s success.

We are effectively engaged in our community through charity and various partnerships. Here are some of the initiatives we are really proud of:
  • Sponsoring entrepreneurship, such as the MIT Arab Business Plan competition in the Arab World...
  • Patronizing cultural and artistic events and festivals like the Liban Jazz Festival, projects related to the safeguard of the Lebanese heritage, publication of books, museums...
  • Financing environmental and recycling initiatives such as Jouzour loubnan’s reforestation campaign...
  • Supporting projects aiming at the protection of children and teenagers' health such as the Tobacco Free Initiative in preventing tobacco consumption.
  • Helping various educational institutions by participating in job fairs, granting scholarships to students and school-related projects...