How to Spare Money

It is important to save money. Don’t spend the money you get on New Year’s Eve or on your birthday on small gadgets. Instead, be patient and use it to buy a bigger and cuter gift.

If you save a fixed amount of your pocket money every week or every month, you could buy yourself the electronic game or the tablet you’ve been always dreaming of.

You can save the money in a penny bank or store it in a savings account and get extra cash on it. A savings account is a safe place where you can keep the money you don’t need for the time being. Thanks to your Lucky to be Young Package, you have a real banking account! Whether you get a cash gift or pocket money, decide how much you want to save and how much you want to spend from the amount received. Get a nice notebook and list your revenues in detail, along with the amounts you want to spend and save. Stick on it the photo of the gift you want to buy with the money you saved.

You can follow the below example to set your budget:
  • Budget card
  • How much money did you save until now?
  • Always remember to put money aside before starting to spend.
Write down all the amounts you have received and spent every day.
Description Date Received Spent
  • How much money did you receive this month?
  • How much money did you spend this month?
  • How much money do you still have?
  • What are going to do with the remaining amount?
Don’t forget to deposit money in your savings account!
You can check your accounts and track your account transactions remotely thanks to Point Com, BLF e-banking service. If needed ask your parents to help you doing that.