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  • A Love for Nature’s Hidden Gems
    5 days ago
    Nature is calling you, but are you picking up? Well, some people have. And they loved the conversation. In fact, the will be sharing their best experiences with us here. So how about we go on a nice adventure with them? Charbel, Christelle, Lucia, Joe and Ranine…Take us with you! 1.Hills and Valleys, Valleys and [...]
  • 12 Hidden Gems of the Art Scene in Beirut
    27 days ago
    Whether you’re born an artist or just feeling artsy today, Beirut is the place to be. Besides the city itself being a historical jewel, it hides little gems of places in the corners of its smallest streets. 1.Would you like to showcase your art? Beirut ART Salon Pioneering artists, this innovative social enterprise is offering [...]
  • How India Changed My Life
    1 months ago
    Over the summer of 2017, I embarked on a journey that flipped my entire perception of life. Upon arriving in the overwhelming city of New Delhi, India, I knew I would no longer be the same Michelle. The riveting sensation tingled my bones. This change may not be traceable back to a single moment for [...]