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  • Things I learned after turning 20
    Because the minute I turned 20, a journey of a sort of transformation of awareness began. This transformation continues to accompany me today, almost two years later. A lot of truths began uncovering themselves. A lot of wake-up calls crept up on me. Awareness felt like a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and an abundance [...]
  • Songs That Will Make Your Life Feel Like a Scene from a Music Video
    13 days ago
    You know you’ve had that moment where you feel like you’re in a music video as you jam to a song. Here’s a list of songs that will create different big-screen worthy moments for you. Heartbroken – The following songs work whether you’ve had a heavy argument with your lover, whether you’re completely broken up, [...]
  • 7 Things You Didn’t Know about the World Cup
    29 days ago
    #1 The World Cup trophy weighs 6.1 kilograms, is worth approximately ten million US dollars and the winning team only gets to take home a replica of it. #2 Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5 in 1954, marking the highest scoring game in World Cup history. #3 In the 2014 World Cup, almost half of the world’s [...]