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    3 days ago
    With summer simmering down and September well under way, many of you may be dreading the inevitable return to school. It’s always sad to realize your days of summer craze are slowly coming to an end, and with good reason. Be it the trips, the parties, or simply the carefree laze of it, summer vacation [...]
  • How to Survive University
    9 days ago
    The season has come for all high school graduates to leave the comfort of their own schools and step into the real world. For most, if not all students, the first day of university is intimidating. It’s scary to leave behind what you’ve once known so well and take a leap into something completely foreign. However, here [...]
  • Why your Friday night shouldn’t ruin your weekend
    2 months ago
    The week is almost over and we know you can’t wait for that perfect weekend of yours. Party, brunches, beach, hiking… it’s all part of the plan, right? But how much do you really do? Sometimes, you end up spending the whole weekend sitting in bed watching series instead of sticking to that awesome plan [...]