Did you Know

Financial tips and advice
  • Open a bank account: this will help you learn how to manage your budget.
  • Always keep confidential your pin number which is delivered to you with your card.
  • Memorize your pin; it is safer than keeping it in your wallet or any other place.
  • Always keep your account balance positive, keep at least LBP 100.000 in your account for emergencies.
  • Open a savings account with the help of your parents.
  • If your tutor is taking care of your account, ask about everything that’s being made.
  • Earn your pocket money by offering services around the house (tidy your room, placing the dishes, watering the plants).
  • Save up coins in a piggy bank.
  • Save your money for a goal, so you have something to look forward to.
  • You can put together significant sums by saving cash gifts.
  • Use your pocket money intelligently. Prove to your parents that you are a responsible spender, and they will increase your amount of money.
  • Organize your expenses depending on your pocket money, this is called budgeting.
  • Register yourself at the school library to access free reading.
  • Save a small amount of money from your weekly allowance. With time you will have a considerable amount.