Combine finance with music thanks to Lucky to be Young Package
Oct 19
If you haven’t joined the Lucky to be Young community yet, then you’re missing out on a whole lot of benefits, offers and amazing surprises.
Who’s the winner of the month? Ask Anghami…
Aug 10
It’s time you unfasten your Anghami app because the winner of the month is coming up and you might be that lucky person!
A redefined football experience with Lucky to be Young at Crepaway
Jul 04
Moscow is over budget but Crepaway* is just around the corner. Join us there to get a redefined screening football experience at our special Lucky to be young Lounge.
Because every successful career starts with a passion
Jun 25
Young kids dream. They dream about the perfect job and the perfect adult life. But how much do they really know about it?
Meet Us By The Stairs!
May 11
Because it's Daraj al Yassouieh's time again!
Benefit from a special offer with Banque Libano-Française, Mastercard and Careem
Mar 12
Use your BLF Mastercard® to pay your Careem rides and benefit from special offers
Lucky to be Young offers you a Youth Package like no other!
Jan 26
It’s the world of the luckies. And in this world, everything is just nice and spicy! It all revolves around the magical Youth Package in which every lucky can manage his/her allowance, have control over all kinds of expenses and save for their future projects.
With My BLF, you will surely miss the Bank
Oct 05
My BLF is back with a redesigned app offering you an optimized user experience and new features.
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