Lucky to be Young Package 18+

Now that you’re over 18 and you’re about to start working, you need to be more responsible and financially independent.
That's why Banque Libano-Française offers you through its Lucky to be Young Package 18+, a full range of products and services for only 2 USD / month or the countervalue whether you are a student or a young professional 
  • Get your free debit Lucky to be Young Card 18+ to settle your purchases and withdraw cash from a wide range of ATMs in Lebanon with a free subscription to Sms service
  • Get a free subscription to Point Sms® service to track your debit Lucky to be Young Card transactions
  • Manage your accounts 24/7 through our free full E-banking & Call Center services
  • Settle and manage your cellular phone bills for free
  • Get a high-speed mobile internet connection, a free modem and preferential tariffs with “Connect
  • Save money with the Lucky to be Young Deposit Account, with easy and free deposits in order to plan your expenses and achieve your projects and ambitions
  • Build up a savings at your convenience with our free standing orders for automatic transfers to the Lucky to be Young Deposit Account
  • Benefit from special offers and discounts* at our selected partners by simply presenting or paying with your Lucky to be Young debit card, or via your e-card** through My BLF app 
*Due to the current economic crisis, some of the offers/discounts may not apply 
*Visit your branch to get the username and password of My BLF app, Enter your credentials on the app after downloading it, log into my accounts and get the access to your Lucky to be Young e-card

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