Boost your account and stay up to speed with “Connect”

22 Sep 2016
Boost your account and stay up to speed with “Connect”
In today’s fast-paced world, speed and flexibility are key; this is why Banque Libano-Française is offering all its account holders, in collaboration with “Connect”, a high-speed mobile internet connection. 

With “Connect”, benefit from:
-   preferential monthly subscription fees,
-   a free settlement of your internet bills,
-   a free modem of USD 100 during the period of your bill domiciliation,
-   a free internet bill domiciliation for Package account holders (Wedding, Lucky to be Young 18+, Expat, Multi, Pro and Pharmacist Packages),
-   a free connection at night (from 12am until 6am),
-   2 plans* at reduced tariffs depending on the connection speed and capacity,
-   a “CUT” option to stop the connection once the maximum capacity is exceeded,
-   an optional mobile connection when buying a USD 50 “Biscuit” (a pocket Wi-Fi router).

Now you have an extra reason to become a BLF account holder!
Let’s just say it’s our way of keeping you connected.

*Plan details available at the branch